Horace Delaney is a recurring character in the BBC and FX original drama Taboo, portrayed by Edward Fox.


"Horace Delaney was father to James and Zilpha and is said to have gone mad before he died, leaving his estate and the mysterious Nootka Sound to his son. [1] He was an adventurer, merchant and shipping mogul." [2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Horace Delaney was described by everyone as a man driven to insanity, speaking to his son who was presumed dead at the foreshore. Brace claimed he was a kind man.


Horace Delaney was buried in the cemetery of his parish with Zilpha and Thorne Geary dealing with the funeral payment, refusing to pay an extra amount to deter grave robbers. James returned to London from Africa to attend the funeral of his father, but before he show up at church he visited the burial chamber, stealing the coins lying on the eyes of the corpse as a payment to the caretaker of the Afterlife. James later put the coins in the offertory during the funeral service. (Shovels and Keys)

During a conversation between James and Brace it was revealed he was poisoned by his steward.

Memorable QuotesEdit


Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1


  • According to James, Horace Delaney was forcing his wife to impersonate roles as Neapolitan noblewoman for personal fulfillment.


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